How to Create the Best Birthday Party for your Kids

Over the years, I have thrown birthday parties for my children and have tried many different things. There are several things that stand out for me when I reflect back upon what was great and what was not so great!

The first thing is what will your child really remember? I often ask my son who will be 22 this month, Do you remember the time we…and fill in the blank here for the countless birthday parties we hosted. What I find interesting are the things that they say are important to them. Here is a list of some of those things that they felt were memorable.

We made this together…we are an artsy family so there are several things that we all have created which the kiddos held onto for years. We just all were able to have fun together, and we did “stuff” together. Smaller settings are sometimes the best for connecting. We loved it when you and Daddy did it too…there are so many times where we set up scenarios for our kids to enjoy and participate in but we forget that they like it when we are having a blast as well!

Activity based parties are great for kids and usually when they can be themselves and create something that lasts, as a keepsake to remember the occasion is always amazing.

What are some of the best birthday parties that you have thrown?

We offer Paint Your Own Pottery parties, as well as Canvas Painting parties for all ages. It is amazing to watch how kids get so focused working on their pieces. The best part? At the end of the party, they get to take their work home with them. Not something to be thrown in a drawer and forgotten, but a piece of art they can put on their dresser or shelf. A few years down the road, the guests and hosts have a physical representation of their memorable event. 

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