We’re nearly there!

Each day we get closer to the opening of our beautiful studio. I look forward to seeing all the new faces and sparkling personalities that will become our Happy Hearts family. I am filled with possibilities and excitement. 

So far as the furniture and fixtures are coming in, it’s been an Ikea fiesta over at the studio. I’m telling you; they really know how to pack up their stuff! It was not too bad putting everything together! So far, we have assembled seven tables, six shelving units, a desk, and two stools. In addition to that, a bunch of boxes containing a beautiful collection of art materials, canvases, paper, and clay. Oh! I’m in heaven, or a kid in a candy store, or walking into Charlie and the chocolate factory…you get the point!

It has been a great time doing this with my family, they have been with me intermittently. My husband has been helping with the backend of things especially with our designer and with the website details. I could not do this without him, it’s been a great family journey.

I can’t wait to share some pictures of our Pottery and Hand building camp coming soon!

Stay tuned! Our grand opening is coming soon, plus contests for free classes and more!

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